My Family

My Family


I can't quite pin it down, but I've always felt that my family was kind of weird! I hope they don't flip because I'm telling you all of this.

"Look, darling, just what we've been searching for...!"

  • My dad liked to take us all to the beach, but he didn't tend to go into the water himself. (6)
  • I once asked a friend where the Stargate SG-1 series had originally run. My friend thought it was Syfy, which my dad wasn't very happy about... (3)
  • My dad once produced a feature film, but apparently it was never released in any format¹ and was instead placed immediately in the movie studio's back catalogue! (14)
  • My dad had a brief stint doing tech support, but he got pretty irritated when callers forgot to try the most basic steps before calling him. (1)
  • Our family's doorbell was often broken, so my dad told visitors what to do when they arrived. (4)
  • My dad tried to get everyone to join him for some genealogical field research. (8)
  • My dad went to see Steve Martin perform back in the 1970s and told Martin how hilarious he was. (1)
  • One time my dad was in medieval Iceland and wanted to express his gratitude to the governmental assembly (although I have my doubts as to whether they could understand him!). (6)
  • We were eating together in a restaurant and I asked for a doggie bag; when the waiter demurred, my dad started arguing with him about the basis for this policy. (11)
  • My mom never suffered fools gladly. (10)
  • My dad could easily identify cocktails that contained hard liquor from those that didn't. (8)
  • My dad hired a governess for a young Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir and explained to her what her job consisted of. (1)
  • My dad was a big fan of Ayn Rand, and would usually credit people's accomplishments to their following her advice. (19)
  • My mom often discouraged friends from masochistic practices. (3)
  • My dad would send fan letters to Bob Barker in the early twenty-first century telling him how great The Price is Right was. (5)
  • My mom was very hospitable to visitors—though maybe a little too formal about it. (16)
  • My dad took us all out driving in a souped-up sports car and was always bragging about its acceleration and its amazing V8 engine. (4)
  • My dad was always super-busy and would reject everyone's invitations. (3)
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¹ unlike any feature films that he and the rest of my family might hypothetically have appeared in