A couple of cats (E. F. and L. A.) made significant individual contributions, and also proved remarkable collaborators on a tremendous variety of subjects.

... though we might have jazzed up the way they originally discussed their ideas ...

  • Ultra–Nonbasiatory Practices as Indicia of Excellence in Attachment Outcomes (Psych. of Attachment, vi, 9)
  • Reduced Enthusiasm for Viewing the Standard of Ur, Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal, and Other Artifacts Under High-Humidity Atmospheric Conditions (Bull. Curatorship & Meteorol., xxii, 7)
  • Reproductive Structures of Castanea Specimens in the Île-de-France Region (Rev. Botany of Edible Nuts & Seeds, xix, 11)
  • Lunar Albedo and Lyric–Melodic Expression of Erotic Attachment Exhibit Substantial Diachronic Relevance (J. Anthropol. of Astro., iv, 11)
  • Orographic Expeditions Produced Subjective Parasympathetic Nervous System Excitation Levels <0.5× as Intense as Those Occasioned by Buccal–Contact Choreography (J. Exercise Physiol., ii, 6)
  • A Role for Lacrimal Gland Secretions in Fluvial Hydrology? (Hydrologic Cycle Anomalies, i, 8)
  • Longitudinal Actuarial Models of Expected Per Capita Incidence of Precipitation: Maximum Likelihood Estimate is Nonzero for All Members of a Population (Meteorol. & Risk, xii, 4)
  • On the Modal Logic of Scriptural Narratives: Reassessing Historicity in 1 Samuel, Jonah, and Exodus (Old Test. Archaeol. Rev., vii, 7)
  • “Too Crotchety”: Hyper–Conscientious Adherence to Notated Durations Is a Risk Factor for Absolute Cenemia in Performance (J. Mus. & Perf. Studies, xviii, 3)
  • Cultivated Indifference to Extreme Hiemal Conditions and Glaciological Formations: Metabolic Alternatives to Low–k Circumpectoral and Dorsopalmar Garments to Postpone Thermodynamic Equilibrium (Rev. of Climate and Human Cult., ix, 10)
  • Investigating Individual Ophthalmic Maturation and Oculesic Capability: Development of Gross Anatomy and External Luminosity Under Ambient Illumination (Anat. Trans. in Optom. & Ophthamol., xiv, 6)
  • Is Atrial Proximity a Factor in Accelerated Maturation of R. Glauca? An Experimental Proposal (Horticul. Weekly, v, 1)
  • Solanum By Any Other Name”: Interpersonal Consequences from Foregrounding Sociolectal Variation in Phoneme Realizations (Socioling. Trans., xxi, 21)
  • Geomorphological Estimates for Far–Future Relative Chronology (> 10 Ma): Erosion–Dominated Reversal of Laramide Orogeny, Subsidence of Baetic System, Cessation of Reciprocal Predilection (Geophys. & Stratigraphic Trans., iii, 6)
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  • Express and Local Service in Public Transit Routing Optimizations: A Case Study of Simulated Journeys on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (J. Urban Mobility, xxiii, 8)
  • Ineradicability of Neuropsychological Records of Distinctive Minutia in the Habitual Use of Millinery and C. Sinensis Products (Neuropsych. Today, xi, 20)
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  • Positive Affect is Susceptible of Universal Contagion, While Lachrymal Displays Facilitate Sympathetic Nucleation in Clouds (J. Ecol. of Soc. Psych., xv, 1)
  • On a cnfsat Instance Containing One Clause Predicating Despondency and Another Clause Predicating Lachrymal Display (Optimization & Relationship Dysfunction, xxiv, 1)

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