How Appealing (solution)

How Appealing (solution)

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The answers to the acrostic clues are as follows:
  • A. The third, though not the fourth, relates to quartering [AMENDMENT]
  • B. Apollomedia v. Reno won the right to do this online [ANNOY]
  • C. Not worse [BETTER]
  • D. One who wagers [BETTOR]
  • E. Sonic ____ [BOOM]
  • F. Geometric shape formed by an ideal chain or rope suspended at both ends [CATENARY]
  • G. Feline (metaphorically) (pejoratively) [CATTY]
  • H. Garrulous, prone to conversation [CHATTY]
  • I. Amiable, pleasant, happy, festive [CHEERY]
  • J. Providing resistance to the bite [CHEWY]
  • K. Decorum, decency [CIVILITY]
  • L. Ascend; ascent [CLIMB]
  • M. Far away, in a children's guessing game [COLD]
  • N. Material of Davy Crockett's cap [COONSKIN]
  • O. Weed with the scientific name digitaria [CRABGRASS]
  • P. It may be cut [CURB]
  • Q. A young swan [CYGNET]
  • R. One data subject right in respect of some data under data protection laws [DELETION]
  • S. Sketchy activities like the CIA/BND Crypto AG operation, e.g. [ESPIONAGE]
  • T. Temporary, ephemeral, fleeting [EVANESCENT]
  • U. Kind of bone at one end of the humerus? [FUNNY]
  • V. Con artist, scammer [GRIFTER]
  • W. A kind of circular or rotary motion [GYRATION]
  • X. Solidity, substantiality [HEFT]
  • Y. Like San Francisco, geographically [HILLY]
  • Z. A children's game using a chalk diagram [HOPSCOTCH]
  • AA. The knee and elbow, for two [JOINTS]
  • BB. _____ Roger, pirate emblem [JOLLY]
  • CC. Case of ASCII letters >96 (unlike those in the word "ASCII") [LOWER]
  • DD. Shocking, graphic, prurient [LURID]
  • EE. A co-owner of a law firm, for example [PARTNER]
  • FF. Frighten, or turn to stone [PETRIFY]
  • GG. A kind of larceny, officer, or cash [PETTY]
  • HH. The original disc-based recording medium [PHONOGRAPH]
  • II. André the Giant was said to have one [POSSE]
  • JJ. One of Sean Combs's stage names [PUFFY]
  • KK. Options contracts permitting sales at a specified price [PUTS]
  • LL. Inconsolata designer and Ghostscript developer Levien [RAPH]
  • MM. Shout it from the ________ [ROOFTOPS]
  • NN. m, in y=mx+b [SLOPE]
  • OO. A cartoon dog who sounds like he works for an intelligence agency? [SNOOPY]
  • PP. "Happy Birthday" or "This Land", for example [SONG]
  • QQ. The Disappearing _____ (Sam Kean chemistry book) [SPOON]
  • RR. I ___, with my little satellite, ... [SPY]
  • SS. American ski champion Picabo [STREET]
  • TT. Twist from side to side, as in an office chair [SWIVEL]
  • UU. One who gossips, informs, or tells [TATTLER]
  • VV. Subsequently, consequently [THEREAFTER]
  • WW. Web server popular with Java developers, or a male of this puzzlehunt's theme species [TOMCAT]
  • XX. Small child, rugrat, tyke [TOT]
  • YY. Arrange hair by mussing it up [TOUSLE]
  • ZZ. "This was a ______" — GLaDOS [TRIUMPH]
  • AAA. A musician like Louis Armstrong [TRUMPETER]
  • BBB. Melodies [TUNES]
  • CCC. Wrote a short social media message [TWEETED]
  • DDD. Incapable [UNABLE]
  • EEE. "To the _____ belong the spoils" (moral of Norton Juster's The Dot and the Line) [VECTOR]
The quote in the grid, describing EFF's appellate victory in the Bernstein litigation, is then reconstructed as

Crypto[graphy] should not merely be a state secret, they wrote, but also a protector of the people's privacy. ... "Government attempts to control encryption ... may well implicate not only first amendment rights of cryptographers," wrote judge Betty Fletcher, "but also the constitutional rights of each of us as potential recipients of encryption's bounty."

Encryption's bounty? Judge Fletcher was a cypherpunk in robes!

          — Steven Levy, Crypto

The clues referring to this quote can be answered as follows:
  • Bernstein [Surname of plaintiff in the case mentioned in the quote]
  • Insanely Great [1994 book by the author of the quote]
  • Ninth Circuit [Jurisdiction of appellate court that issued the decision mentioned in the quote (U.S. Court of Appeals for the _____)]
  • Daniel [Forename of plaintiff in the case mentioned in the quote]
  • In the Plex [2011 book by the author of the quote]
  • Northern District of California [Jurisdiction of district court that issued the decision from which the appeal mentioned in the quote was taken (U.S. District Court for the ____)]
  • Graduate student [Occupation of plaintiff in the case mentioned in the quote, at the time it was originally filed]
The first letters of these answers spell out the overall answer BINDING.