Game of Chance

Game of Chance

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The title & flavortext clue diceware pretty heavily. Given that this is an EFF hunt, we’re going to be using EFF’s diceware lists.

After solving a couple clues, you might notice that each of these words are typically associated with a number between 1 and 6– like the Three Musketeers, One Direction, etc. Here is the answer to the grid. The number at the end of each row is the sum of the numbers you should get, to help verify your numbers.

2 cents 1 punch man 1 direction 2 fridas 6 pack 12
1 up 5 spice 6 persimmons 4 loko 2 factor authentication 18
4 seasons 4 horsemen 6 flags 2 bits 5 nights at freddy’s 21
5 weekdays 6 degrees 4 gospels 3 wise monkeys 1 password 19
3 musketeers 3 bears 2 towers 3 amigos 3 stooges 14

Since there are 5 numbers, we want to use EFF’s long wordlist, which is meant for use with 5 dice.

21126 corner
15642 city
44625 pope
56431 stooge
33233 guy

At which point we should “do it again”!

4 corners   (four corners of the world)
2 cities    (a tale of two cities)
2 popes     (recent TV show)
3 stooges   (old vaudeville comedy group)
5 guys      (fast food chain)

The sum of which is 16, the number at the bottom of the page.

The word corresponding to 42235 on this list is NUMBER.

Answer: NUMBER #