Club Penguin (solution)

Club Penguin (solution)

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This is a ricochet-robot-like puzzle written in Puzzlescript! In case your browser was unable to support it, this puzzle should also be solvable with a static image of the logic grid, although the playable game hints the extraction a bit better due to the visual cue of the ice changing color when a penguin walks over it.

After solving the logic puzzle, you should get a confirmation:

Woah you did it! Now take a closer look at the board.

The board should look like:

The text that the penguins have walked over says COUNT TREES, and the text in the untrodden ice reads INDEX NAMES.

These clues imply you have to count the number of trees each penguin passes on their way home, and index that number into their names. What are their names?

When selecting each penguin for the first time, they each have a line of dialogue:

Red penguin says "It's getting dark, brrrrrrrrr."
Blue penguin says "Nice to meet you, b-b-baby"
Yellow penguin says "How are you, h-h-hon."
Green penguin says "Thanks for helping, frappe."

The flavortext heavily clues “new horizons,” the name of the most recent (and popular) Animal Crossing game. In Animal Crossing, each villager has a unique default catchphrase! So all we need to do is get the names of the villagers with these catchphrases (they all happen to be Penguin villagers as well). The ordering of the penguins is given in the flavortext.

Color Catchphrase Name # Trees passed Letter
Red brrrrrrrrr Puck 1 P
Blue b-b-baby Aurora 1 A
Yellow h-h-hon Gwen 2 W
Green frappe Sprinkle 1 S

Answer: PAWS #