Jellicle Cats (Solution)

Jellicle Cats (Solution)

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This puzzle is about the list of types of Jellicle cats at the end of the song Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats from the musical Cats.

Practical cats, Dramatical cats
Pragmatical cats, Fanatical cats
Oratorical cats, Delphic-Oracle cats
Skeptical cats, Dyspeptical cats

Romantical cats, Pedantical cats
Critical cats, Parasitical cats
Allegorical cats, Metaphorical cats
Statistical cats and Mystical cats

Political cats, Hypocritical cats
Clerical cats, Hysterical cats
Cynical cats, Rabbinical cats

You can fit them all into the grid in a unique way.

The highlighted squares read DEADORSALTONSEA – the clue phrase is DEAD OR SALTON SEA. Both the Dead Sea and Salton Sea are examples of a SALT LAKE.

Answer: SALT LAKE #